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How to replace the batteries?


Music stops after a few seconds? Time to replace batteries! Only an adult should replace the batteries.

1. Use a crosshead screwdriver to remove the screw.

2. Remove exhausted batteries.

3. Install the new batteries with the plus (+) sign facing up.

Each book uses three AG10/LR1130 button cell batteries.Only use batteries of the same or equivalent type as recommended. 

Please note that common names for these button cell batteries are: AG10, LR1130, LR54, 189. AG10 batteries are compatible with the following models:

  • Energizer: 389, 390
  • Duracell: D389, D390
  • Maxell: SR1130W, SR1130SW
  • Panasonic: SP389, WS-10
  • Common: SG10, SR1130, 387
  • Citizen: 280-15, 280-24
  • Sony: SRI-BO SW
  • Varta: V389, V390
  • Ultralast: UL387
  • Renata: 17, 11
  • Seiko: TR1130W
  • Other: 289/8019, M, 89, GP89, S120

We recommend purchasing Ditty Bird's spare batteriesclick here for great quality and low cost.


Batteries are necessary part of our books. Quality of the sound is very dependable on batteries condition. Batteries should be changed when sounds mix, distort, or become otherwise unintelligible as batteries weaken. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Do not dispose of batteries in general household waste; they must be recycled.

If you have any issue, please contact us (, we are always here to help!